A Divide-By-Zero-Error

A Divide-By-Zero-Error
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Dark, brooding, downtempo track with ambient and drone elements and a trip-hop drum beat! Kind of "ElectroBlues" for 2023!

Tech: Cakewalk Mastering: PC76 U-Type Compressor EQ Tube Emulation N-Type Console

FX: iZotope Ozone 5: r1 Final

BPM: 80

Spitfire VSTi:

BT Phobos: In The Shadown r2

BT Polaris: Black Box: Aries r1

Solar: Blurry Aura r1 Aged r1

Yair Elazar Glotman - Speculative Memories: Distorted Swell r1

Labs: Synth Strings: Strings Pad

GAIKA - War Island: Malevolence r1

Originals - Cinematic Pads: Midnight Waves r1

Alev Lenz 3: Splendid Drones r1

Alex Epton - Entropy: Looping Bass Drone r1

Hainbach - Landfill Totems: Dark Motor Drones 2 r1

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