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A multifaceted artist whose output reflects his innate desire to experiment with a variety of sounds and genres, ZOiD (AKA Daniel Jacobson) is driven by decades of experience and an unwavering mission to continue expressing himself freely. Overflowing with ideas, always inspired by the media he consumes and full of passion for music in its many forms, ZOiD prides himself on being unpredictable. From his jazz roots to full-on techno, his desire to embody the diversity of the artists who inspire him is the catalyst behind a sprawling discography.

His life and musical direction have been rich and varied, from playing his first ever live show at the age of 17, to studying at jazz school and eventually setting up his own music school. Over the years he has also completed a Masters In Music and Media Technologies, taken part in the 2006 Red Bull Music Academy and set up his own label, Zoitrax.

In 2007 he released his debut album ZOiD Versus The Jazz Musicians of Ireland Vol 1, a joint release on his former label, Diatribe, and D1 Recordings. More recently his music projects range from “dirty techno” to guitar covers of Aphex Twin tracks. He’s worked with string quartets, composing music and performing alongside the group, produced acid-tinged solo EPs, and two recent albums (ZONGS in 2022 and Internal Space Element in 2023).

Consistency of output is one of ZOiD’s core values, driving his will to keep creating and exploring the infinite possibilities in music composition. With his formal training, along with the more chaotic side of his musical persona, ZOiD has a depth of experience only made possible by a life lived in full devotion to music. At this stage in his life, the science of production and honing his technique have become paramount, as he works towards cultivating a deeper understanding of sound and vibration...

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