Fapiao & Stranger in the Night - Sample Pack EP

Fapiao & Stranger in the Night - Sample Pack EP
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The two Berlin and China-based producers teamed up for a collaboration EP in between some continent hopping and spent five Saturday afternoons with cakes, coffee, and friends in a Kreuzberg bedroom studio. Initially unsure of where to begin (due to the distraction of the delicious cakes), they decided to extract vocals from a selection of their all-time favorite movies to use as a foundation. And a foundation it became!

Instead of solely relying on the vocals, they crafted every single sound in these tracks using snippets from movie trailers found on YouTube - including pads, chords, noise, hi-hats, claps, kicks, bass, and yes, even the vocals themselves. The resulting musical and sonic outcome surprised both of them.

Furthermore, in defiance of accepted norms in music production, they used 192kbit YouTube 'quality' material as the audio source for each track. Dear listener, we leave it to you to decide: Does one truly require high-quality source material to create well-sounding music? Or, for that matter, great tracks?

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