To Be Frank - EP

To Be Frank - EP
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To Be Frank EP by The Band Famous

  1. Golden Rule 02:55

  2. Space Jam 04:36

  3. Mermaid Energy 03:23

  4. On Top 03:41

about To Be Frank, the EP by The Band Famous is a 5th dimensional journey! Venture into outer space with the far out vibes of “Space Jam”, then travel back in time to the lost city of Atlantis, back at the beginning, with “Mermaid Energy”. Rediscover the meaning of universal laws with “Golden Rule”, then you can be “On Top”.

Sounds like indie rock meets alternative, pop metal and industrial.

Track List: “Golden Rule” | “Space Jam” | “Mermaid Energy”| “On Top” |

Suggested Plays: “Mermaid Energy” & “On Top”

Websites: bandfamous.com youtube.com/thebandfamoustm soundcloud.com/thebandfamous open.spotify.com/artist/41C0RnD7mbITT4JzX3RcUt twitch.tv/bandfamous twitter.com/thebandfamous facebook.com/thebandfamous instagram.com/the_band_famous tiktok.com/@the_band_famous

credits released January 1, 2024

Mary Norell Jackson - Lyrics, Vocals, Instrumentation, Audio Engineering & Mastering on Tracks 1 - 3. Vocals, Audio Engineering & Mastering on Track 4. Jacob Alexander Figueroa - Lyrics, Vocals, Instrumentation on Track 4. Song artworks by Norell. See additional credits on each individual track.

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