Mermaid Energy (Single)

Mermaid Energy (Single)
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This is an edit of a song I did on a livestream a while back, but I added lots of guitar and vocals to make a wave. This is taken from the nearly 7 minute extended version, condensed to a shorter format, with the addition of bubbles, courtesy of Zander. Enjoy the ride!

This song was featured and reviewed in Portuguese on Heatwave radio and blog in Brazil!

credits released December 5, 2023 extended version released December 4, 2023 Mary Norell Jackson aka Norell - Lyrics, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Looping, Instrumentals, Recording, Post Production, Audio Engineering. With creative input & direction by Zander, who requested more background vocals and more underwater sounds, and bubbles! Song Artwork by Norell. Photography of Norell and Zander's Art by J Nilsson. Body Painting of Norell by Jacob Alexander Figueroa aka Zander Other Artwork Featured Thanks to Vecteezy and UnSplash.

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