The Web We Weave...

The Web We Weave...
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“And, what will you do with this track?” While the bright sun on the flat roof makes it warmer in the studio where the workshop takes place, sweat does not break out just because of the heat. Prying eyes of the workshop leader, one of my musical heroes, force me to give an answer other than “Don't know, just throw it online.” The fact that four pairs of eyes from the other students are still aimed at me does not help either. So bluff mode turns on. “This will be the first track of a four track EP to be released on March 1. That's my birthday, I think it's a nice date.” pops out. Relieved I breathe. So, given a satisfying answer, my moment is over, up to the next student. “Okay, next week you contacted a mastering engineer and set a date on which you deliver your tracks to him. And I want to see evidence. No, I personally call that guy to check if you really did it.”, I suddenly hear the workshop leader say. Now I have to. Crap… Well, after years of only working with band music, collaborative projects and remixes, it may also be time for a real solo release. So about nine months later there is “ The Web Weave ... ” A four track EP with instrumental, spacey beats.

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