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Dive into the sonic world of Sereni7 with his latest EP, a musical journey that transcends musical boundaries. The three-track release, featuring "Ascension," "Gaslight," and "Lightwire," showcases Sereni7's prowess in crafting emotionally charged drum and bass compositions.

"Ascension," the opening track, was initially conceived as an upbeat yet moody liquid masterpiece. With influences from the likes of Keeno, Sereni7 weaves a sonic tapestry that engages the listener with its infectious groove and melancholic undertones.

"Gaslight" takes a more introspective turn, offering a heightened emotional perspective. Led by soulful vocals and accompanied by a poignant string collection, Sereni7 invites the audience to connect with the track on a personal level, using relatable lyrics to stir deep emotions.

Concluding the EP is "Lightwire," a composition that echoes the style of "Ascension" but with a darker twist. It serves as a sonic resolution, pulling the listener out of the contemplative mood induced by "Gaslight" and propelling them back into the groove, emerging on the other side with a newfound strength.

Sereni7 masterfully crafts a narrative throughout the EP, showcasing his versatility and ability to elicit a range of emotions. With each track, he invites the audience to explore the intersection of drum and bass and raw human sentiment, promising a unique and unforgettable musical experience.

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