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The idea behind "Fireside" is quite literal. My home has a gas fireplace insert. When it starts getting cold outside, all we have to do is flip a switch and poof! Fire. A modern convenience that we absolutely love. Now that we've passed the summer months and are heading straight towards winter, the fire has seen a lot more use lately. I began noticing all of these little nuanced sounds that come out of this thing that I was oblivious to last winter. The "fwoomph" of the gas turning on, the slow, dull hiss, the occasional pop due to the metal firebox expanding and contracting with the temperature changes. These pops only accentuate after the fire gets turned off. There is a good six or seven minutes of pops, clicks, creaks and groans if you pay close attention.

So I got my trusty field recorder and picked up all of these nuanced sonic prizes and made a sample pack for myself. They are quite noisy, but that adds to the character I think. These samples, accompanied by my unique instrument set, lays the sonic backdrop of "Fireside".

Instrumentation: Fireplace Samples Antique Upright Piano Roland Juno DS88 Arturia Beatstep Hyve Touch Synth Ellitone Multi Synth Time Plate Rival Plate

Creative Effects by Audio Damage Goodhertz Unfiltered Audio Valhalla DSP

credits released November 6, 2020

Written and Produced by Michael Southard Mastered by Michael Southard Artwork by Bryan Kraft & Michael Southard

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