Pattern Year

Pattern Year
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Recorded between January 15th and January 31st, 2024

Pattern Year is a project I started after coming off of my larger and more structured 2023 projects "Outside" and "Inaction". I wanted to work on something more free spirited that captured my feelings of starting fresh in the new year and going where the ideas take me. The end result is a mixed bag of lo-fi, IDM, experimental, and solo piano.

Some of the inspiration for Pattern Year came from experimenting with my DIY electroacoustic instruments, my son's Casiotone, and some new software I picked up over the holidays.

This is the first album I'm releasing that won't ever be available on Spotify, due to some disagreements I've had with their customer service and general business practices. But it is available on Shopify, which is spelled very similarly.

Written, recorded & produced by Michael Southard Mastered by Michael Southard Artwork by Michael Southard

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