Inspired By A Poem

Inspired By A Poem
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Another ambient and chillout album.

Track 1: Recorded for naviarhaiku455 – White peaks…

Track 2: Recorded for naviarhaiku453 – falling leaves

Track 3: Recorded for naviarhaiku452 – night walk

Track 4: Recorded for naviarhaiku449 – for a moment

Track 5: Recorded for naviarhaiku445 – in the confident

Track 6: Recorded for naviarhaiku441 – Microbiota

Track 7: Recorded for naviarhaiku425 – Looking, not seeing

Track 8: Recorded for naviarhaiku419 – this feeling of loneliness

Track 9: Recorded for naviarhaiku417 – on New Year’s Day

Track 10: Track not related to the haiku challenges.

Cover by: NadjaGalina.ART:

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