Against The Clock

Against The Clock
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Some ambient / dark ambient and drone tracks I made in the last few weeks.

Track 1: Originally released on Sounds For The Soul: The Fantasy Compilation

Track 2: Originally released on Flood Relief compilation on label aquietroom

Track 3: Recorded for naviarhaiku400 – cicadas

Track 4: Recorded for naviarhaiku398 – the shimmering haze

Track 5: Recorded for Disquiet Junto Project 0506: Wipe Out

Track 6: Recorded for naviarhaiku399 – such a still water (sampled "William Spivey - Mamaji's Zen Palace")

Track 7: Recorded for naviarhaiku401 – Floating lanterns

Track 8: Recorded for naviarhaiku397 – Many solemn nights

Composed and Mastered by Seramind

Cover by: NadjaGalina.ART:

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