Close To Me / Your Eyes

Close To Me / Your Eyes
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Elevation London presents an enthralling collection of tracks by Marksman and MXV, remixed by the formidable talents of Seizmic and Frankllin. Immerse yourself in the sonic wonderland of 'Close To Me' and 'Your Eyes', where each piece tells its own unique story through a blend of melodic breakbeat, house, and techno.

Close To Me: Dive into the euphoric realms of 'Close To Me', a melodic breakbeat masterpiece. This track weaves real drum recordings with hypnotic arps and emotive pads, crowned with a catchy vocal hook. Marksman and MXV masterfully blend the energy of techno with the soul of breakbeats, creating an emotionally charged atmosphere that resonates deeply.

Your Eyes: Marksman and MXV elevate the game with 'Your Eyes', a track that boasts an exceptional vocal topline and a breakbeat rhythm that defies conventions. The heart of the track lies in its emotive breakdowns and the raw power of its metal-influenced drum fills, crafting a narrative that's both intense and intimate.

Your Eyes (Seizmic Remix): Seizmic reimagines 'Your Eyes', injecting it with a darker, club-oriented techno spirit. This remix is a force to be reckoned with, featuring hard-hitting 4-to-the-floor rhythms, hypnotic synths, and powerful drums. Seizmic's rendition retains the essence of the original while transforming it into a dancefloor dominator.

Close To Me (Frankllin Remix): Frankllin takes 'Close To Me' into uncharted territories, offering a rendition that's both dark and groovy. The remix is a testament to Frankllin's prowess, featuring a compelling bassline, stunning instrumentation, and raw, aggressive synth sounds. It's a journey through darker shades of the club spectrum, promising an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Elevation London continues to redefine musical boundaries, offering tracks that are not just heard but deeply felt.

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