I Have To Let You Go

I Have To Let You Go
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In a striking fusion of emotional depth and infectious beats, the highly anticipated melodic techno track, 'I Have to Let You Go,' has arrived to leave listeners spellbound. Crafted with euphoric pads, a delicate world string instrument, and a haunting spoken vocal, this track is a journey through the bittersweet landscape of letting go of a someone you love.

I Have to Let You Go offers an emotional narrative that resonates universally. It begins with ethereal pads that gently caress the senses, setting the tone for an introspective voyage. The delicate world string instrument provides contrast in the breakdown, its melancholic notes weaving a tapestry of yearning and nostalgia.

On remixing duties, Marksman comes in hot with a club-focussed melodic progressive anthem, whilst encapsulating the essence of the original in an ingenious manner to deliver a dancefloor anthem!

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