Ivana Kupala

Ivana Kupala
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'Ivana Kupala' was created using samples of Ukrainian folk instruments and vocal a cappella, which were included in the sample pack by Enko Sounds.

This track reminds the musicians of the mystery that takes place every year in the picturesque corners of Ukraine and absorbs all the magic and wonder of those cities and folk rituals

Light Dreams are one of the best representatives of the Ukrainian live chillout/liquid dnd scene. The musicians began their career back in 2013, and during this time they have already performed at major festivals in Ukraine and abroad, as well as released 5 EPs and two albums, one of which is "Escape from Nebula" in collaboration with musicians from Latvia and Spain, as well as the single "We're", which was included in the charity compilation "Frontiers Vol. 1" to support Ukraine, on the British label Interstellar Audio.

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