Cerasus EP

Cerasus EP
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In the wintry landscapes of creativity, Heymac unveils two evocative tracks with captivating tales. In the realm of dreams, "Cerasus" finds its inspiration in a poignant nocturnal reverie. Heymac shares a dream where an infinite fence separates friends yearning to reconnect, encapsulating a profound sense of longing. This dream inspired composition holds a special place in his heart, and the guitar-laden second half weaves the emotional tapestry together seamlessly. "Tundra," born from a collaboration with Skallagrim for a dog sled set, perfectly captures the icy ambiance, setting the stage for the frosty journey ahead. Crafted by Skallagrim for Heymac's Banff national park mix, the track transforms the winter wonder of Banff into musical poetry. The pair’s collaboration adds a distinctive touch, resulting in a harmonious fusion of their artistic expressions.

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