Marvelous (Remix EP)

Marvelous (Remix EP)
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Peppermint Park was a low budget direct to VHS series that was released straight to VHS between 1987 and 1988..

The puppets were hideous, the songs were awful, and "Peppermint Park" faded from memory until in 2006, when I uploaded many clips from the series, and they went viral, introducing a new generation to the horror of "Peppermint Park"...

This special EP of dance/electronic mixes inspired by the series, using clips and samples from Ernie's awful "Letter M Song" one of my most popular and infamous Youtube videos!!

This is a remix ep based on the "Letter M" song from the 80's direct-to-vhs kiddie series "Peppermint Park" which was lost in obscurity until I decided to upload clips from it onto Youtube in 2006.

Before that time, there was nary a trace of the series online. And the moment I uploaded the stuff onto my Cringevision/Cringevenom Youtube channel, it exploded.. Became a legendary meme, and the "Letter M" song became infamous...

Over the years, I've watched people take credit for the discovery, without doing anything clever or interesting with the material. So I decided that it was up to me to put a stamp on the "Peppermint Park" thing...

I started to make a full album, using clips and bits from the series., and had so much fun, I decided to make an EP of nothing but "Letter M" remixes. All organic, no sample packs used.


This collection of remixes is my reaction to watching others use the material poorly. No one ever made decent tracks out the songs, so I felt it was by duty to take responsibility and do it myself..

I think the results are amazing, often hilarious.. Many of the mixes work, even if you have no idea what "Peppermint Park" is....

The songs are based off "The Letter M" which was an awful song sung by an equally atrocious puppet named "Ernie"... You can see the videos by searching "Peppermint Park" and "Cringevenom" on Youtube...

14 track EP
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