That Time of the Year

That Time of the Year
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Silva is no stranger to deep, euphoric structures; painting a brilliant collage in sound. In his latest single, That Time of the Year strives to be that epitome; self described and combines the essence of what any one considers “that time of the year” for them. This tune is built by a soft rhythmic pad, airy whistle-like riffs and the encumbering sub bass patterns. It truly provides for a solitary Deep House chiller. Of course, such a release could never truly go without an equally based remix. Stepping the progression up, brightening the mood and adding just that right amount of drive, Vince proudly displays his “Spring Remix” as the perfect follow up. Headed by a driven bass line, this remix creates a more progressive venture though remaining true to its deep heritage in its use of deep pads and airy synth lines.

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