The Morning After The Night Before

The Morning After The Night Before
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Presenting “The Morning After The Night Before” from Noir.
An album that captures the shift from a hectic life as a touring DJ to a more concentrated endeavor as a writer and producer.

Attempting to confine Noir's music within a specific genre proves challenging, as this album traverses diverse sonic landscapes, spanning from ambient tones to pulsating techno rhythms. Within this musical spectrum, Noir crafts a distinctive sound characterized by its melancholic, haunting, and cinematic essence.

The album seamlessly transitions between being a potential movie or computer game soundtrack to offering deep techno tracks perfectly suited for dance floors worldwide. Its sonic allure lies in its ability to strike a delicate balance between an intimate, intricate sound design, captivating beats, and melodies that resonate with depth while evoking an otherworldly feel unlike anything else.

Listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the album, uncovering its many layers, intricate details, and delightful surprises woven throughout this captivating musical journey. Explore and relish the depth and richness that each track unfolds.

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