Road Trip Through The Abyss

Road Trip Through The Abyss
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We drive through this abyss. The hills are crushing down on us. They roll as we are rolling. We drive through the starlit night in this laughing slit of a valley. Deep down here past the destruction and the distractions long shadows hunts us is the dark. Wheels screeching and screaming, we're cutting a new road under us... Past the cities, past the benevolent healers, past the star-crossed haters and through the mud. Our minds melt and crackle, electricity jolts through us. This is our delirium. Who can cure you from what you stole from us? We're taking aim at new worlds! Speeding into space! Come with us now to follow the calling, can you hear it? Other beings of mystery are calling us... Their faces gleam in the sky around us. Come follow the desire, follow the violence of its power as we leap into the sky... Don't mind the crash. Metal skin tumbles around us like sot flakes in sot night, but nothing can stop us now! It's even darker out here. Behind the disc of the sun the night is always hiding... Come with us...

3 track Album
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