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The 79th release of series on this platform is including the very first album by Ville Lehtovaara on Radio-Quiet Records. Happy Birthday Mr. Drummer! :) Ville Lehtovaara is a respected professional drummer from Finland. Lehtovaara started playing at the age of 3 banging his bongo drums and his mother's kettles. That started a rhytmic journey still continuing until this day. Nowadays Lehtovaara plays mainly roots music but is known for his ability to fluently jump into different genres. Keeping groove in the focus Lehtovaara released his solo album 'Regroovable' in 2018 receiving a lot of positive attention around the world. Inspired by his childhood friend Tuomas Rantanen, Lehtovaara started experimenting with techno music and made his first techno album during the lockdown in spring 2020. Described as 'organic techno' his music combines basic techno elements with bits and parts of African music, New Orleans grooves and his own experiences and personal views as a drummer. Combining several vintage analogue drum machines, synthesizers, live drumming and percussions Lehtovaara creates his own kind of drummy and very percussive techno.

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