Nine Sided Die

Nine Sided Die
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Created during the span of two and a half years in various places in Europe and the United States.

Flavigula is -

Bob Murry Shelton: guitars, ukulele, multitudinous effects, various synthesizers, supercollider, striking nearby objects with drumsticks picked up at a bazaar on the other side of the river, drum programming

Christian Newman: vocals, guitars, myriad effects, various synthesizers (though not the same sorts that Bob used)

With -

Christopher White: Electric Bass

Javier Eguizabal: Snare

Jayrope: Additional percussion on Olšanské Hřbitovy and sly supplier of birds

Compositions by Flavigula except Union by Flavigula and Tony Hogard

Words by Flavigula except -

Olšanské Hřbitovy & Všechno je Nehybné - Renata Connors

Pony Ride - Michael Denison

Written and recorded in Seminole, Prague, Logroño, Myrtle Beach and wherever Christopher lives.

Gracias a Rob and Adrian at Submarine Broadcasting Company, Renata Connors, Christopher White, Javier Eguizabal, Jayrope and the extradimensional being that played synth on Pony Ride.

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