Sometimes The Darkness Shows You The Light

Sometimes The Darkness Shows You The Light
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Dark cinematic ambient piece. It has lush sweeping synths, quiet arps and heavy bass to open up discoveries of light...

Tech: Composer/Author DJ RENIGADE 1088695008 ASCAP

Original Publisher RENIGADECINETRAX 1088694896 ASCAP

Work ID 922455195

DAW: Cakewalk

Main: EQ Tube Emulation N-Type Console PC76 U-Type Compressor

FX: iZotope Ozone 5

Tempo: 80bpm

VSTi: u-He:

Zebra2 PD Atmosphere

Diva - SG MS-101r

Hive - AZ Starburst

RePro5 - Vega

Bazille - BL Chill Lead

ACE - HS EMSynth+DK2

TyrellN6 - Chapter 3r

ZebraHZ - Batcave Syncing Down

Controllers: S88mk1 Kurzweil 2000vx

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