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Back before we all started having to be more careful about disease, I used to commute. The commute was close to an hour and half so it left plenty of time for boredom, contemplation, and watching the scenery. I hoped to capture some of the sounds, feelings, and spirit of the commute in this album. The pure noise that is at times cacophony and at others rhythmic. The loneliness of traveling in a crowd but everyone within their own bubble. The feeling of traveling from one strange place back to a familiar place.

Enjoy this on your own commute perhaps. Take care!

  • rhoslug

It is difficult to truly list all the people that helped make this album come to life. But an incomplete list is as follows:

  • My family for encouraging me to love music and make music.
  • All the fantastic musicians of the Internet and Youtube, without which I never would have contemplated making an album, learning VCV Rack, and exploring generative music.
  • Particular thanks should go to Red Means Recording for showcasing how he recorded an ambient album.
  • Thanks for Hainbach for showing that weird, ambient music is actually beautiful and is worth putting out in the world.
  • Omri Cohen for all the tutorials on VCV Rack. I would never have even tried modular without your instruction.
  • My wife for loving me through all the bleep, blooping and still encouraging me to be creative. Thanks.
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