Take Comfort

Take Comfort
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Artist - Behappy Album - N/A Title - Take Comfort Year - 2023 Genre - Experimental Black Metal Drums performed by Kyra.

Lyrics All solace is afflicted Weighed upon by promises unfulfilled The scale of which has been tied in place In fear of revelation regarding the tipping point Nor any form of baggage relinquished That which we all too quickly set into motion We soon all too quickly set in stone Once it's got away from us And ran its course Now calcified in the wake of coming unrest A population idly stares between discontent. And you?

Take comfort There is little else for you to know Take comfort, and complain of it To others sitting in their inadequacies Take comfort, in the communal downfall At least we'll all be "that guy" Paid to do nothing, such freedom A horizon via permits When allotted, when allowed So sit back and wither In fantasy and virtual worlds Dare not look At the beautiful new world You demanded... Upon request.

Better to be a million and one make believes Than to acknowledge yourself As it is, sitting, and mostly useless Why not find someone down in the dumps And tell them they are on top of the world If not to take comfort In your shared reign A mastery of self deception Bolstered by a communal hopelessness Where everyone is in on the act Through fear, dependence or desperation The mass of self branded individuals Amongst billions "Cannot see themselves for their persona's An endless horde of the masked and thinly veiled With nothing do to do in their lives But pretend they were anything, anyone or anywhere else. Behappy."

This track isn't truly "Finished", Due to massive file corruption this and another longer piece have found themselves "Stuck as is". Hope you enjoy, if possible.. regardless.

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