The God Fractal​[​69 North Downtempo Mix]

The God Fractal​[​69 North Downtempo Mix]
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Deep pulse ponding bass with ethereal highs and sequenced synth line on the journey!! You can hear the cars on the freeway pass by like jets!

RenigadeCineTrax Cakewalk Main: EQ Tube Emulation N-Type Console PC76 U-Type Compressor FX: "Space" Breverb2 [Wash 80s90s ver 1] BPM: 60

Virus: 1 PD_Subtle 3 -~BASS rs 4 CybTrAp4rs FX: In Box

Korg Wavestate: Distortion Paradise FX: In Box

Behringer TD3 Ptrn 4 [8 steps] FX: Main

Behringer D Wicked 01 FX: Main

Kurzweil 2000: Slipping Away FX: PC4k S-Type Side Chain

Digitakt: SubAquatic TomBak Bass 2 SD1 Fella 4 Anasine 5 Typical 7 Snowy FX: In Box

Samples: East-Tex Freeway 3/20/21 Sinematic - Sub Sonic Bass Drop 15

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