What Must Be-What Can Be

What Must Be-What Can Be
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A song about choices, what to do, what can be, what might happen if 1 choice is chosen over the other, and finally, what the outcome is. Deep layered sounds that create a lush sonic environment to drift away with and then snap back into reality.

Composer/Author DJ RENIGADE 1088695008 ASCAP

Original Publisher RENIGADECINETRAX 1088694896 ASCAP ASCAP The work ID is: 921005191

Main: Maschine Komplete Kontrol s88mk1

FX: Arturia Rev Intensity - Omnipresence RS1

BPM: 80


Maschine MK3: A: 1 Spitfire Audio: Ablion Tundra - Very Very Dark Bellow Drone - MW 2 NI: Playbox - End Horizon 3 NI: FM8 - Aqua AAAAtmo 4 Heavyocity: Evolve R2 - Bassic Thievery 5 NI: Straylight - Boom Bottom B: 1 NI: Mother Board - FauxCode Kit

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