Is This The Promise The Faithful Pray For?

Is This The Promise The Faithful Pray For?
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It started out about 1 year ago. I laid the ground work with funky drums and some ambient pads. Now, 15 days ago, I really went to work with lots of layers of sounds, arps, lots of urban/rap drums loops at 60 BPM and wove a heavy textural track that swallows' you in sound and takes you with it!

Composer/Author DJ RENIGADE 1088695008 ASCAP

Original Publisher RENIGADECINETRAX 1088694896 ASCAP

Main: PC76 U-Type Compressor Pure EQ Tube Emulation Type 2 N-Type Console PK

BPM: 60

FX: iZotope Ozone 5 Imager RS2 AMEK Mastering Compressor Renigade 2

Is This The Promise The Faithful Pray For?

2023: The Worst Of Our Future, The Best Of Our Past

VSTi: Maschine MK3 Instruments: 1 Moasic Leads: ARP - Out Of The Fog(Str) Drum Loops: 01 Hihats[140] TroubleMan 02 Shaker[140] TroubleMan 03 SFX[128] Droga 04 Tom[123] Flatiron 05 Drums[140] MasterRoshi 1 06 Drums[128] Lexus 2 07 Hats[92] Ponzu 08 Hats[125] ArmyCreek FX: In Box

Kontakt: 1 ARKHIS - Lonely Pad RS 2 Thrill - Dark Scape 1 3 8Dio Dark Prophecy - Divination [Visions/Dark Church/Swells] 4 8Dio Dark Prophecy - Soothsayer [Darker Tones/Organic/Unknowable] FX: In Box


Wavestate: Ghost Town FX: In Box

VirusTi2: 01 Tranc ARP 02 AN Sweet P 03 CrystalARP FX: In Box

Deepmind 12: E-33 CeePee ST FX: In Box

K2000VX: 93 Cee Tuar FX: 105 Into The Abyss 60% Wet In Box

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