The Collapse Of A Wave Function (Full Mix)

The Collapse Of A Wave Function (Full Mix)
Digital Download
Includes streaming plus high-quality mp3 and lossless downloads.

Heavy Industrial track done in Maschine!

Maschine: Main: iZotope: Ozone 5 Imager

2023: The Worst Of Our Future, The Best Of Our Past

Controler: MK3 Komplete Kontrol s88

VSTi: MK3: A: 01 Heavyocity: Damage Uncharted 88 - Breakout - 03 Experimental Loops (STR) 02 Heavyocity: Vocalise3 - Vocal Drone 01 03 Heavyocity: Symphonic Destruction - DMG - Crumbling Waves 04 Heavyocity: Mosaic Voices - Hybrid - Driven Ostinato Stack (RHY) 05 Heavyocity: Damage 2 - Damaged - Breakout Full Loops 01 (STR) 06 Heavyocity: Mosaic Bass - Aggressive - Fat Daft Master 07 Heavyocity: Damage Drum Kit - Breakout - Hybrid Full Loops (STR) 08 Heavyocity: Mosaic Tape - Essence of Flight (ARP) 09 Heavyocity: Damage - LPS Industrial Full 10 Heavyocity: Foundations Synth Bass - Big Bottom Synth 11 Heavyocity: Evolve Rhythmic Suite - Bassic Thievery B: 01 Native Instruments: Mother Board Expansion - FauxCode Kit FX: In Box

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