Immutable Past Vol. 4: Yeti Quest

 Immutable Past Vol. 4: Yeti Quest
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These are songs of an ersatz path to self-discovery. Even as you orient yourself true to the goal, you are led further and further astray.

About the Immutable Past series: Brandon Invergo has written a lot of music across various electronic styles, with no real previous effort to release the vast majority of it. The Immutable Past series consolidates much of this across multiple volumes. No longer having the means to edit any of the original recordings, Brandon is presenting these works as frozen in time, imperfect but immutable artifacts of a past life. Any semblance of chronology is rejected in favor of finding common threads and obsessive fixations. Original song titles have been retained, no matter how irrelevant, however everything has been stripped of any artistic pseudonyms and finally presented together under his own name, regardless of genre.

All songs written and produced by Brandon Invergo, except "Stocklona" written and produced by Brandon Invergo & Pale Blue Sky (

"Everybody Get Hypoactive" contains samples from The Conet Project (Irdial-Discs, 1997). In accordance with Irdial-Disc's Free Music Philosophy (, the song is provided here for free and under a compatible Creative Commons license.

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