Duniz & Henrixx-Ugly-Reaper (Original Mix)

Duniz & Henrixx-Ugly-Reaper (Original Mix)
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Duniz & Henrixx from Bielefeld/Germany had their first Release 2001 on AnthonyRothers Label Psi49Net. After a couple of Electro-Releases, they came up withTechno-Tracks on Hörspielmusik, the Label from Stammheim-Legend Pierre (rip)and on Zombie Nations Label Dekathlon.In these days, they played in several famous clubs in germany like Tresor (Berlin),Harry Klein (Munich), U60 (Frankfurt) and many others.After a long break – concentrating on their regular Jobs – they got back in 2021 withtheir You-Tube Channel and new releases. They still produce electronic music intheir own way without categorizing themselves into any particular genre

Also in Groovy/Raw Techno
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