Bilateral Narrative

Bilateral Narrative
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A collaboration album between two like-minded artists as well as first apperance of Evasion on the label. This release focuses on exploring world of breakbeats together without emphasizing any particular style.

• FEARMONGER opens the album with unfriendly, almost industrial mood, surrounding the listener with high-pitched reese basses and hard-hitting two step rhythm. • BILATERAL NARRATIVE is amen tearout track we wanted to have as a highlight of the release. The roaring, distorted synths, constant switches and the drum edits capture unstable, oppressive feeling and fear of unknown. • STATE MACHINE - a raw techstep style tune with dominant, progressive arpeggio being the focal point of entire arrangement, titled after a programming term. Out of all tracks on the album, this one took us the most time to finish. • MATHEMATICS has surgically precise, complex drums, similar to Photek's signature style. It's our way of showing appreciation of the pioneers of the genre and its past. • SPECTRAL DISPOSITION is eclectic, 110 BPM breaks piece which showcases Evasion's mastery at production and cutting breakbeats. • BLEEDING THROUGH smoothly transitions to the second half of the album. An exotic track mixing multiple middle-eastern based samples into a vibrant melange. • COMPUTER TALK REMIX, originally a jungle freebie made by Evasion gets rebuilt from the ground up with more straightforward structure and darker mood. • KYBALION REMIX is a fresh take on a track from the Offish's Resilience album. Faithful to the original, embraces its core elements and remakes it into a groovy two-step piece. • SKY MAPS brings refreshing bright pads paired with vibrant, airy atmospheres. The drums juggle between various different patterns all the time, creating an abstract, nuanced track. • BEYOND YOURSELF is a soothing triphop piece completly contrasting with the album’s intro. The serene, mellow atmosphere releases all the tension which was building up throughout the rest of the tracks.

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