Hyperbolic Hypnosis of Luminescence

Hyperbolic Hypnosis of Luminescence
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Back with another full-length release, Michael Oscillate brings chaos and order together in a Yin and Yang formation in his 8-track album “Hyperbolic Hypnosis of Luminescence”.

The compelling artwork is enough to capture one’s attention, and the music behind it is sure to make listeners want to stick around.

As mentioned, the album tackles both chaos (“DORgone”) and order (“Cloud Condensation with Resonation”), but also goes on to combine features like spoken word (“Dislodge”) that are yet to be explored through Oscillate’s extensive catalogue. Oscillate toes the line between melody and dissonance in an innovative display of talent and creativity, in what is perhaps his most complete project yet. The inspired choices of audio sampling make for an auditory experience that just about covers the entire spectrum of human emotion, in an album that is almost as philosophical as it is musical.

The overall composition of this album is not unlike a “good life” itself; with moments of peace and moments of chaos and uncertainty that all combine to capture the beauty of our existence.

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