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Bringing their unusual form of instrumental rock back to the forefront, the San Francisco Bay Area based Illogistical Resource Dept. have reissued their debut album Catharsis. The ten-track collection now has extra clarity and punch when compared to the original songs which were released in 2012. Re-recorded bass and guitars can be heard on several tracks including The Road to Giza, Adverse Side Effects, Augmented Banality and Speak as well as new synth sounds on Vedic Soma.

Dan Menapace - Bass, Samplers, Vocals, Guitars Noa Oz - Drums and Percussion Jim Harris - Guitars on The Midshipman, Augmented Banality and Adverse Side Effects

Recorded at Tranquility Base - Burlingame, CA and The Locker - San Francisco, CA Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dan Menapace

10 track Album
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