Doves, Gloves & Glowsticks Remixes

Doves, Gloves & Glowsticks Remixes
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We welcome you to the Keep On Techno Legacy and a chance to dip into some updates of previous releases. Starting out this series will be remixes of some of regular contributors biggest KOT releases, remixed by the other regular contributors... Make sense? Don't worry it will!

First up we have Rich Campbell - Doves, Gloves & Glowsticks, an absolutely huge release for us last summer, and some of our guys were desperate to have a crack at remixing this so we let them loose. They didn't disappoint.

Kicking things off we have Hamaton3 who has delivered a dark, sinister edged remix. A proper banger this one.

James Black Presents has combined elements of Dark Techno, Trance and Psy to give a remix that will surely crossover to a whole host of DJs.

Standard Issue closes out the pack with his first remix for us and it's a lovely Melodic and Hypnotic take on the original.

This should give you a taste of what to expect over the remainder of the year from our Legacy label. We've got you started with a monster!

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