Standard Issue Remix EP

Standard Issue Remix EP
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With three down and three after this we have hit the middle of our Remix Series on Keep On Techno Legacy. Up next is Standard Issue, whose remixes for this series have been amazing, to be remixed by some of the regulars.

Coutts is up first with his take on By The Light. Upping the BPMs and adding driving percussion and a cheeky acid. An absolute monster this!

Up next is Hels.Yeah who takes on Gardians. Taking the BPMs to the extreme he has delivered a remix that harks back to the crossover Techno/Hard Dance sound of the early 2000's.

Hamaton3 takes on Mind Control and brings the BPM down a touch while still providing a pounding, hypnotic groove.

Take a bow chaps, some amazing remixes of some outstanding originals!

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