Keep On Techno Showcase Volume 1

Keep On Techno Showcase Volume 1
Digital Download
Includes streaming plus high-quality mp3 and lossless downloads.

Time for something special for our Keep On Techno Special Series as we invite people who have released with us before to drop a track for a release that showcases the talent we have signed to the label. Some will take things in different directions to what they normally do, others will deliver what we know them to be so capable of already.

Our first release is something special indeed.

After his storming debut on the label B.S.E returns with a huge track called Arranged By Humans. Already developing a unique sound, he has given us a pounding track with bubbly acid, spoken word, sold drums and a slight Old Skool vibe.

Hamaton3 is back with The Trible and this is a driving Techno at its finest. Proper Techno, nothing more can be said!

Rounding the EP we have Hels.Yeah with Big Cheese. A fast and driving Techno tune with a slightly Trancey edge. Real crossover stuff here!

So there we have it, the first of our artist showcases, there will be more and the quality will be just as high!

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