Godless Heathens EP
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Yes! Chris Coles & Latex Zebra are back on Keep On Techno with another multi–BPM EP for Keep On Techno X. This three tracker has something for every set, especially Acid... Let's not waste any time. You know these guys by now.

The lead track is a full-on Acid Techno monster. Godless Heathens doesn't mess about with twisted acid lines and messed up Hoovers! Hard and Fast... This is the one for you!

Up next is a more mid-range tempo tune. Back In The Room. A Funky vibe to this one with a cheeky sample and, yes, more 303 action.

And finally, we have Acid Addicts... Which, unsurprisingly, has more 303 business combined with Break Beats and an Old Skool Vibe.

The Godless Heathens are back and, in case we didn't mention it enough, they brought the Acid!

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