Never Saw It Coming EP

Never Saw It Coming EP
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After remixing half the releases we've put out recently we felt it was time that Chris Coles & Latex Zebra pulled their fingers out and dropped an original for us. Always up for the challenge, they dropped three! This is their first ever multi track solo EP and all three of these would be worthy of solo releases. You have been spoilt!

The lead track is Never Saw It Coming... Well, who could have saw this 145BPM Acid Techno monster coming? With a late 90's vibe about it with modern production this is the definition of a face melter and a welcome return to the faster BPM of Techno.

De Nada is Twisted, Hypnotic, Driving Techno that still clocks in at a fair old pace.

The Dark Sky takes the BPMs down again but delivers a Bass Heavy, Rolling Groove that has energy levels to spare.

An EP that will satiate those that like their Techno; Hard, Fast and/or Driving!

You Never Saw This Coming!

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