Open Eyes EP
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As is often the case at Keep On Techno. If we get someone new in for a remix it is often with the demand of an original to follow soon after. So, after his killer remix on our recent Acid Clubbers release, we're extremely pleased to welcome Owen Offset back with his original Hard Techno monster, Open Eyes.

Hailing from Malta and with a huge pedigree on labels like ReWasted, Dolma, Eclipse and Subwoofer you know you can expect something banging. Open Eyes has huge, distorted kicks, relentless drive and twisted and trippy sounds that just pound into your mind and will destroy any dancefloor.

On remix action we welcome label regular Hamaton3 who delivers his own take on this with his fastest track for us yet!

The final remix is from Noseda, who makes his debut on the label. A name that will be known to any Hard Techno lover from his work on Dreizehn Schallplatten, Wicked Waves, Ragnarok and Finder among many others. This is a full Hard Techno groove and hopefully we'll see more from him on the label next year.

Open Eyes... and your ears for some serious Hard Techno!

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