Acid Schnitzel
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So yeah. This release could have easily gone out on X but sometimes we like to mix things up and we're pretty sure most of you care about the music rather than the label it's put on.

We welcome known Trance producer Jay Turio to Keep On Techno with an absolutely banging... Techno track. How about that?

The original mix is a proper sturdy beast that drives with brain piercing acid and driving production. Some Old Skool vibes on this as well. Also a proper face melter. The dance floor will be a sea of people trying to pick up their melted faces. It will be a joy to watch from the DJ booth!

First on the remix we welcome back B.S.E who knows a thing or seven about acid and he has delivered a really intelligent stripped down take on this that still maintains the filth!

After his debut LP for us we also bring back Ian McCoy who has taken things to another level with advanced BPMs and even more face meltiness.

Honestly, this EP. Something special this is.

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