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Continuing our mission to bring new blood to the label we're pleased to present a double whammy of debuts with both original artist and remixer.

ModReaktor hails from Nottingham and has a seasoned pedigree in Dance Music. With vinyl releases going back to the early 90's under the names More Bass Than Fingers and Bass Ballistics, delivering some top-quality Jungle. After a hiatus with other projects he has back making music and we were keen to snap up an EP that he sent to us.

Solrar has a powerful hypnotic groove that sucks you in and is guaranteed to cause maximum dance floor damage.

Subbatron is proper trippy Techno with huge old skool vibes and is an immense second track to sit on this EP.

On remix duties we have Sakin Bozkurt, of DJ Sakin and Friends fame, with his first work for us. Taking minimal parts from Solrar he has delivered a truly original take on the tune.

Keep on Techno keeps up the quality. We hope you agree and get these in your sets.

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