Circle Of Life
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Layer Caked Records continue their output with a hyper quality EP.

Artist: Michael Kortenhaus - Title: Circle of Life.

Michael Kortenhaus - is an artist who epitomises the modern progressive to a melodic producer. He's consistently purposeful in his musical output and provides a signature soundscape. Based in Munich, Germany, he has captured the attention of many with his tracks featured on imprints such as "Soundteller Records, Another life, Provider music, and Element Euphoria" and he continues uniquely on - Layer Caked.

Circle Of Life - comprising four versions, starts with the original version which is a real infectious emotive affair with hypnotic quality. Produced to a high standard and its pull's you in the more you listen.

France based David Duriez from brique rouge provides the first remix with a touch of acid morphed groove and classy synth work. Ross Geldart (Scotland) takes the theme of the track to - 90's piano style before the transient soundscape takes over. The final mix is by Kooku(England) and is another infectious progressive/melodic takeover, full of sonic quality and absorbing layers.

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