Charred Remains

Charred Remains
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New York Haunted label boss Drvg Cvltvre is back at the old nest, riding high on well received new releases on Obscure and Viewlexx. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? No, not really, but this one still has its bark and razor sharp teeth, so playing with him is no fun anyway. Drvg Cvltvre returns to his old form, weird samples in a blend of house and techno, still to strange for mainstream, but perfect for dancefloors in the dead of night.

This new EP has 4 cuts and will be followed at some point by another EP with almost the same name but 4 different tracks, just to keep shi*t confusing for the discogs nerds. The tempos are low on this one, no traces of acid to be found, just real, experimental dance music like you know you love. Broken gear, but not a broken spirit. Uplifting in its own depressing way. Show the love folks, show the love... credits

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