Event Horizon (Incl. Dorian Gray Rmx)

Event Horizon (Incl. Dorian Gray Rmx)
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  • Title: Event Horizon (Incl. Dorian Gray Rmx)
  • Released: 31 Dec 22
  • Cat no: #DORIAN017
  • Bpm:95-128bpm
  • Tracks: 5
  • Release Length: 30:22
  • Genre:
  • Tags: none
  • Artists:
  • Label:

The Chilean artist, Samuel Wilson, founder and owner of Dosis Records, makes his debut on the Mothership with an Ep that has the concept of an album, as he tells us about a hypothetical journey to the border of 2 possible worlds in the universe. The gravitational and hypnotic sound touches the boundaries of physics and pushes us beyond the limits of the imaginable. To accompany him in the space trip Dorian Gray gives his touch to this 'scientific' Ep.

Artwork by Geralt

Catalog Number: #DORIAN017

Release Date: October 27 2022

Mastered at Dorian Studio by Dorian Gray

5 track EP

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