Arrival EP
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Here they are. After sticking their heads up for a remix on the last Prognosis release. Last 2 Standing finally deliver an original for their own label.

We hope it was worth the wait.

Arrival (No that has to be a coincidence) is Last 2 Standing at their purest. Combining influences from several genres they have delivered an organic, proggy, melodic, housey kind of thing. Bright, bubbly and energetic. This is a tune to put a smile on any dancefloor.

On the remix there was only ever one name in contention for this. He had the first release on Prognosis so it was fitting he remixed the owners first tune. We welcome Strange Malcolm back to Prognosis with a delicious slice of organic house that lifts memorable elements of the original added to his own original vibes.

They have arrived!

At last.

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