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Phil Hannett is a sonic alchemist who blends boundaries and cultivates musical ecstasy. Hannett, a truly global artist, was born in Chile but found his artistic home in the vibrant city of Detroit, MI. Hannett's profound love for electronic music blossomed at the tender age of 10, capturing his imagination with its mesmerizing allure and captivating sonic possibilities. Enthralled by the enchanting sounds of synthesizers and samplers, he embarked on a lifelong journey of sonic exploration and experimentation.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres such as jazz, psychedelic rock, house, disco, and techno, Hannett has developed a unique artistic identity that defies categorization. His music transcends boundaries, seamlessly blending elements from different genres to create a captivating sonic tapestry that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

Throughout his artistic evolution, Hannett has been deeply influenced by an array of musical luminaries, including The Parrish, LCD Soundsystem, Miles Davis, Manuel Gottsching, Omar S, Ricardo Villalobos, Mark E, Mall Grab, and Larry Heard. These influential figures have shaped his artistic sensibilities, pushing him to constantly explore new sonic territories and expand the limits of his creativity.

Hannett's musical palette primarily resides within the realms of micro-house, minimal house, lo-fi house, and deep house. With meticulous attention to detail, he crafts immersive compositions that captivate the senses, weaving intricate rhythms, lush textures, and melodies. Each of his creations is an invitation to embark on a sonic journey, where time stands still and the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. With his boundless creativity and unwavering passion, Phil Hannett stands as a testament to the transformative power of music and possibilities that lie within the sonic realm.

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