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Biography: Navarra, 1995. Juls Roka formerly known as Roone. At the age of 15 he began to DJ buying two turntables and a table from the cheapest range on the market, enough for a good start. Between progressive vinyl, techno and typical classics of "the one they played me in that disco" he learned until he went digital. Change of support and change of style, now to a techno house more in keeping with the scene in his area, giving a few sets in clubs and bars in the southern area of Navarra. After three years with bad experiences, he had to move away from the booths, making sets exclusively at popular festivals in his town. During this time, training in sound and giving shape to a project with "own sound" have led to a professionalization in form and a very careful musical selection in their sessions. Heavily influenced by the tribal tech mixed with Trance by the dj's from an old nearby disco, he gradually discovered a subgenre that, although old, was still very lively, artists like Hertz, Player, Cave, Mirzinho & Miche, Carl Falk and of course, the Hardgroove editions of Mr. Ben Sims, plus a long etc., may be classed as his references. Mixes full of that old tech, together with the most current techno and tech, mixed with pure Hardgroove, create very energetic sets focused on the dance floor. Starting in production back in 2016, it is in 2020 when he manages to find himself comfortable with his productions and decides to start publishing

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