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Canadian based Heymac continues to demonstrate the serene beauty that can be found within the Drum and Bass genre.

Following his release on the ProgRAM 100: Software compilation he has released numerous songs with his signature driving drums and ethereal soundscapes with labels like 170+ Recordings, Bay 6 Recordings and Headsbass as well as his own self-releases such as his song Hamartia. Heymac continues to show the importance of melody and appreciating the moment in his songs and performances.

In 2022, Heymac braved the cold to do a one-of-a-kind DJ set on a dog sled with the Rocky Mountains as his backdrop which firmly presented his approach to atmosphere and art within Drum and Bass.

As a DJ, Heymac has been supported artists Bensley, Rene Lavice, Pola & Bryson, Spectrasoul and many more.




Bookings: Heymacmusic @ gmail.com

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