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gribbles is Graham Thorpe, an amateur musician from the UK. He has been described as a “British electronic music wizard” - which makes him blush and laugh in equal measure.

Originally from Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, like many he was in a few bands in his youth, playing local gigs and getting a small following. Then, again like many, life took over and whilst still keeping his hand in, making music was put on the back burner.

He picked up music again in the late nineties with a big beat/found samples solo album that drew comparisons to Bentley Rhythm Ace, and into the 2000s doing Underworld inspired semi-improv live electronica as part of the duo Aztechnology. Aztechnology morphed into quiddity who produced a catalogue in a mix of styles from ambient, through to big thumpers - comparisons there were more difficult, but think Fluke meets The Black Dog and you’re in the ball park.

More recently, gribbles has mainly been working on solo projects, and has been putting out a mix of well received ambient, synthwave, electronica and EDM tunes. As well as self-releasing his own tunes, his music has been included in compilation albums and also used in mainstream games. With a recent release on the Werra Foxma label and an increasing interest in what he does, gribbles hopes to continue his steady growth through into 2023.

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