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F.Tek, original from Porto/Portugal, started in 2001 his debut in eletronic music. Soon he found out his big passion TECHNO HARDGROOVE/TRIBAL/FUNKY. Inspired by names such as Cristian Varela, Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Bando, Marco Bailey, Jesus Del Campo, RedHead, etc. he started purchasing records and practicing his 3 decks mixes.

At the moment, F.Tek , is one of the "most wanted" producers of this genre and his track´s are very known by they´re power bass lines and lots of tribal percussion's full of rhythm. His known also for his ferocious style playng with 3 decks and mostly his track's.

He acted all over Portugal from North to South on major club venues and some of the best eletronic music fests, he also played in other European club major venues, in country's such as Slovenia, Hungary , England and Spain.

Alongside with Primus V and Ryders he runs over "Invicta Records" , one of the best labels of hardgroove/tribal techno, and now he started his new label alone called TechnoBulb Records which basically it's a sub label from Invicta Records.

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